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We have worked long to get to know the better professionals in the field. Over the years, we have built a partnership network of seasoned, independent and trustworthy professionals, each with at least 12 years of experience in their respective fields.

Together, we cover all critical aspects of the biopharmaceutical development process, from early investment planning & scenario building, manufacturing, regulatory, preclinical & clinical development, health outcomes, reimbursement, pharmacovigilance and post-marketing strategies. If you have a need, we most probably have someone for you.

The advantage

At Xintera, we believe that small is not only beautiful, it also benefits our clients. Since your work gets done by the professionals themselves, you get quality from the get-go. There’s no handing over of projects to junior staff who are still learning the ropes. Since we are working independently, overhead is as low as it can possibly be. Lastly, we are a network by choice, having enjoyed working together on other projects even before Xintera was born. So our clients benefits from a tight, enthusiastic and dedicated team